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Retail Merchants Association (RMA) was established in 1923 by a group of Lubbock merchants to provide services not available from another source at that time. Since its founding in 1923 it has grown and developed into a financially sound organization conducting business in a professional manner, that consists of many different services for area merchants.

RETAIL MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION OF LUBBOCK is a BBB Accredited Collection Agencies in Lubbock, TX

Equifax Sales Affiliate

You can get all of the credit information services you need from one central source - whether it's a single program or a combination of services. Either way, you'll receive powerful tools that will protect your business and help optimize the services you provide to your customers. Our marketing area includes,West Texas and the Oklahoma Panhandle. We are pleased to offer many products and services to solve all of your business needs.

InstaChek and Checkstar of West Texas a division of Retail Merchants

InstaChek is a complete check collection and protection package that means less check loss and more profit to your business. The InstaChek service offers a cost effective means for the merchant to handle insufficient checks without the hassle of pursuing the check writer. With our service, the merchant simply allows us to receive the check from the bank then we begin the process of collecting the check for you. Once paid the merchant will receive the full face amount plus a five dollar rebate on checks paid in full with a service charge. We also offer check verification equipment to those merchants who wish to have it. There may be a small fee for this service, ask your sales person for more details. Our main objective is servicing your needs by working together to reduce the check abuse in our community. We would gratefully welcome the opportunity of servicing your company.

Retail Merchants Association of Lubbock is a member of the CheckUp Check Authorization Network.

Automated Collection Systems

Automated Collection System CSD currently uses the fully automated cardless (FACS) collection system marketed by Ontario Systems Corporation. FACS is capable of providing virtually any information, storage and reporting requirement related to the process of collecting past due accounts. Some of the special features available with FACS are: Automated “Cardless” system enables collectors to spend their time collecting. Report Writer reports allows development of reports to fill client needs. User-Defined Codes and Parameters - allows each client’s accounts to be handled differently based on separate guidelines. On-Line Help minimizes training and increases collector productivity. Automatic Prioritization of Accounts - allows management prioritization of accounts. Letter Series allows customized letters Automatic Account Multiple combines multiple accounts for a single debtor. Allows collectors Opportunity to discuss all collections. Staffing Collection personnel at RMA are professional, efficient and well trained, providing excellent results. The supervisory staff has extensive experience in collections,systems operations, sales, public relations and other business operations and are certified in collection techniques and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Each staff collector has been professionally trained to work the Ontario Systems software and refer to and abide by the rules and regulations found in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).These staff members continue to receive training through various seminars and educational classes conducted by Associated Credit Bureaus (ACB). Scheduling The collection staff at CSD maintains work hours from 8 AM - 7 PM and sometimes even 8 PM two nights a week (scheduled to change). One feature of the FACS system is defining contact codes. CSD uses this feature in monitoring times when contact with debtors is at its highest. This data is reviewed and staff schedules written to insure that the majority of our man hours are spent during those times when the potential to contact debtors is the greatest. This necessitates collectors working split shifts; however, this practice has proven very successful.


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